National Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference 2019

National Counselling
& Psychotherapy
Conference 2019

Expert-led training for counsellors,
psychotherapists and healthcare professionals

Thursday 5 December 2019,

Conference Hall @ Hong Kong Productivity Council
78 Tat Chee Ave, Kowloon Tong


Dr. Andrew Adler

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (US) Doctorate, Clinical Psychologist, Yale University,
Adler Family Centre

Dr. Albert Chan

Psy.D., Head and Professor, School of Psychology
Gratia Christian College

Dr. Melissa Ortega Giglio

School Psychologist
Hong Kong International School

Dr. Scarlett Mattoli

Clinical Psychologist,
Clinical Supervisor, Consultant
The Psynamo Group

Dr. Adrian Tong

Registered Psychologist
(Hong Kong & Ontario, Canada)

Teressa Siu

Emcee, International wellness speaker, Certified health coach


Professor Philip Zimbardo

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University


First running of the National Counselling & Psychotherapy event a resounding success

  • Hong Kong, 5 December 2019

A packed-out conference of 200-plus psychotherapists, counsellors and healthcare professionals were privy to the inaugural running of Lighthouse Media’s National Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference on 5 December 2019.

The event took place on a chilly and wet Hong Kong day at the Hong Kong Productivity Council in Kowloon Tong, but the atmosphere soon hotted up with the opening keynote by Dr Albert Chan – head of the School of Psychology at Gratia Christian College.

His talk on championing mental health in the age of anxiety quickly had the gathering enthralled, covering a range of crucial mental health issues, including how to reduce the stigma around mental health, creating a wellness blueprint towards a more resilient society, and normalising and addressing mental health issues.

Registered psychologist Dr Adrian Tong then delivered a thought-provoking talk on the effective measurement of a client’s progression, which focused on understanding and using feedback to make decisions about how to improve clinical practices.

This was followed by a fast-paced and information-packed session from Dr Scarlett Mattoli – a clinical psychologist at The Psynamo Group – who posed the very important question: Who counsels the counsellors? She spoke in-depth about building sustained resilience via neurologically-informed self-care approaches.

“Observe with evaluating” and “learning is mistakes” (by which she means learning comes from making mistakes) were two of the key takeaways from her talk.

The delegates were then energised with wellness and ice-breaking exercises with emcee and international wellness speaker, Teressa Siu, before recharging with refreshments during the lunch break.

The afternoon session kicked off with a highly insightful talk from Dr Andrew Adler – clinical director of the Adler Family Centre – who presented an integrated model for child counselling and psychotherapy, drawing on a number of fascinating case studies from everyday practices.

Then onto the drawcard of the day’s session, with a special video presentation by legendary psychologist Professor Philip Zimbardo – Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Stanford University. Zimbardo first hit the headlines with his famous – some would say notorious 1971 Stanford prison experiment – where a group of university students were invited to play the roles of guard and prisoner for two weeks in a confined setting – with a number of extraordinary and unexpected outcomes.

The delegates were treated to a wide-ranging, spellbinding, and at times, amusing discourse from Zimbardo on the nature of evil and, conversely, heroism; the five factors that improve individual lives and productivity; and positive psychology in training mental health professionals working with gender, sexuality and relationship diversity.

The day was rounded off with an engaging panel discussion on moments of change – positive psychology approach – reprising the roles of Dr Adler, Dr Chan and Dr Mattoli, with Dr Melissa Ortega Giglio, from the School Psychologist at Hong Kong International School, acting as moderator.


King’s College London

King's College London offers two 100% online programmes in psychology and neuroscience. Drawing on the wealth of resources across our world-renowned Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN), these courses appeal to both practitioners and to those with a personal interest in the area of psychology, neuroscience and mental health.


We are expecting over 200 delegates/practitioners/counsellors who want to get a better understanding of mental health so they can improve results for their clients. The conference will aim to show delegates new approaches to therapy which their clients can then benefit from. Delegates will learn how to improve their practice by providing high quality services. By hearing from world class speakers, we hope that by attending this conference they are left with a new motivation for their career.


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The National Counselling & Psychotherapy conference is an international series of events focusing on how we should approach mental health. Following sold-out conferences in London, Birmingham and Singapore, Lighthouse Independent Media is delighted to bring this essential 1 day conference to Hong Kong.

Our international Counselling & Psychotherapy conferences have covered a diverse range of pressing themes across mental wellness, including but not limited to:

  • Promoting mindfulness and compassion in therapy
  • A manifesto for mental health and psychological wellbeing
  • How to know what works for your client – selecting the right modality
  • Complying with ethical guidelines and achieving best practice
  • Championing mental health awareness in the age of anxiety
  • Integrated wellbeing model (IWM) for Counselling and psychotherapy


Discuss the contemporary trends of 21st century psychology, new approaches to understanding mental health and ethical guidelines and best practice for therapy. Also learn how to develop new approaches and techniques for counselling and psychotherapy by attending HK’s leading national conference.

Hear expert speakers, including world renowned Professor Philip Zimbardo, deliver world class content throughout the day.

Previous testimonials from National Counselling Conference 2019 in Singapore

Great set of presentations
Enjoyed the range of topics. It provided key insights into working life of psychotherapy
Inspiring ideas about different approaches to mental health
Brilliant subject matters
Very interesting and well chosen speakers


Thursday 5 December 2019, Hong Kong


Registration and refreshments


Opening remarks

Vivien Peters, Director, Lighthouse Independent Media


Championing mental health in age of anxiety

  • Results from recent research conducted in Hong Kong
  • Normalising and addressing mental health issues
  • Initiatives to reduce the stigma around mental health
  • Creating a wellbeing blueprint towards an emotionally resilient society
  • Incorporating resilience training in public education for preparation of the elderly population explosion

Networking break


Effective measurement for client’s progression

  • Common factors as identified by research and how practitioners can use these in the service of their client
  • Using routine outcome measurement and using these measures to assess/evaluate how well the work is progressing
  • Understanding/using that feedback to make decisions about how to amend/modify practice

Who counsels the counsellors? Building sustained resilience via neurologically-informed self-care approaches

  • Understanding work-related stress and its impact on holistically health
  • Developing an informed self-care practice for burnout prevention and wellness promotion
  • Building sustained resilience and ethical integrity as mental health professionals
  • Fostering therapeutic alliance and compassionate actions between practitioners and clients

Networking lunch


Integrated model for child counselling and psychotherapy

  • The use of multiple therapeutic approaches to improve outcomes
  • Developing a strong therapeutic relationship as a foundation to successful therapy
  • Case studies on integrative approach to treatment

Afternoon recharge


Special guest recorded video presentation: Cultivating everyday heroism

Prof. Philip Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University


Panel discussion: Moments of change – positive psychology approach

  • The five factors that improve individual lives and productivity
  • Practicing the PERMA model in therapies from reducing distress to building success of life transitions
  • The six factors to reinforce the flow experience
  • Positive psychology in training mental health professionals working with gender, sexuality and relationship diversity
Moderator: Panelists:

Closing remarks

*the program is subjected to change


Will the conference improve my practice?

Understanding mental health in a new way is fundamental to improving results for your clients. This conference will introduce you to new approaches to therapy which will help you offer new solutions to your clients to benefit from. Learn how to improve your practice by providing a level of high quality services. With world-class speakers at the helm, attending this conference will leave you with a new motivation for your career.

Venue information:

Conference Hall @ Hong Kong Productivity Council
78 Tat Chee Ave, Kowloon Tong


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